Moss Activist

keywords : fictional campaign, environment, activism, moss, photosynthesis, graphics

Unknown-anonymous party “Moss activists” are working on the promotion
of green mosses always overlooked on the street,
calling for not-so-radical-individuals who are able to appeal
the preciousness and efficiency of mosses to gather up.

Fictional campaign to indicate one out of many ways to tackle global warming.
They believe in mosses; so far too tiny and mundane to realise the functions of them to photosynthesis as well as aesthetics.
Hoping their intentions and activities subtly urge us to step forward.
Despite the fact almost all narratives are expressed through the website i.e. pixelated reality,
the pathway to there exist in our atmosphere i.e. physical reality.
Seeking for the engagements of “people”.

Visit here:

Year: 2015