The Tenryu Project

keywords : wood, environmental issues, circulation, proposal design, product

Wood, we have long been lived together with, is nature for its own sake.
As resources, we have made use of it for a very long time.
However, recently, the use of them are getting to replaced by the other resources such as petroleum.
And it causes the destructions of ecosystems.
What we do is not good for the earth; anti-eco-friendly we are.

The Tenryu Project aims to discover the new distribution system for woods; in this case, between wood-workers and creators.
Now this project is based on Tenryu area,
where is famous for high quality cedars and cypresses, and through this seeking to activate Tenryu area´s forestry.
We now focus on discarded woods from sawmills and get them for free, and then made chairs by these.
This project is a trial for design to intervene the environmental and social cycle.

Presented also in TEDx Hamamatsu

Supports from: Ako Murakami + Mei Kihara + Shi Ke + Mari Hiramoto + Takuya Onishi
Special thanks to: Takeshi Maeda, Fujiichi Co., Ltd and SUZUKUMA-san
Year: 2015-